Reality is a lot more exciting than it seems. But in order to show its hidden wonders, we need some magic. We need something that a waterball artist can bring forward. A performer, who stands on the boundaries of imaginable and unimaginable, feasible and unrealizable, reality and miracle; whose cylinder becomes a gateway to other worlds, and who can show you how to make magic with a waterball.

My name is Márton Kristály, and I have been showing to people for 10 years that reality is much more interesting than it seems. Ever since I was a child, I have been drawn to the world of magic. My goal is to always keep experimenting and to present people with something unimaginable. That is why stretching the boundaries have become the basis of my productions. I believe that legerdemain is not just about mystery but it is also a show where entertainment and good humour are at the centre.

My production is the so-called Waterball show, something I have worked out in detail and presented to the audience in Hungary for the first time. The Waterball show is now merged with my name, and it is the reason for my career’s fulfillment. In my main production I show with waterballs what I mean by presenting the wonders of the reality.




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